Consulting Services

In an effort to offer the best experience for our customers, we’ve developed an intricate process that ensures the optimal solution is implemented with a smooth transition between service providers. 

Initially we review your currenttelecom bills and statements to determine your exact voice and data needs as well as perform contract verifications to make certain you’re not currently under contract with another provider.

After a comprehensive bill review we begin quoting service options with a handful of carriers to determine the most competitive rates. Because of our long-standing relationships with service providers throughout the nation, we can typically negotiate better rates than the industry standard.

Upon completion we then present our analysis of your current voice and data plan as well as our proposal for an optimal solution. We also provide a detailed diagram to help better illustrate our recommendation.

Once an agreement for new service has been arranged we spearhead the service change and execute all contracts on your behalf. Our goal is to make the transition as smooth and seamless as possible. Of course we’ll be on hand to resolve any inconsistencies in the event they occur.

Below is a same assessment we complete for all of our clients. It clearly outlines the pricing for existing services on the left and the adjusted pricing we're able to secure on the right as well as total monthly savings realized.