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Cyber Security

Managed solutions prevent, detect, and take care of cyber security threats to your data.

You’ve seen the headlines, and you know that a cyber security attack would not only impact you financially, but could also fundamentally damage your reputation. How do you fund a cyber security budget, and how do you develop the expertise for handling the changing nature of cyber threats? Even if you identified a security monitoring application that works within your budget, how do you know it offers the right level of protection for your company?

These are the questions keeping IT management and enterprise executives alike awake at night. If you’re challenged by developing a cyber security strategy that adequately protects your business while staying within your IT budget, you need to take a closer look at managed security.

Managed security offers the following benefits:

  • Business continuity: Did you know that many companies that experience a cyber attack go out of business shortly after the breach?
  • Enabling digital transformation: When you want to implement a fleet of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, managed security helps you mitigate additional security risk.
  • Protection of your reputation: Managed security helps prevent threats so that your name doesn’t appear in headlines about a breach and your reputation isn’t damaged.
  • Expertise: Your in-house IT staff may struggle to keep up with the changing threats, but managed security provides talent that specializes in cyber threat mitigation.

SinglePoint Solutions provides managed security that positions your enterprise to handle the changing threat landscape. Beginning with an initial audit of your current technology, we’ll identify immediate changes you can make to improve your security strategy. We will then recommend the best tools that appropriately prioritize your greatest security threats and guide you through the installation process.

For reliable, consistent support in cyber security management, call on SinglePoint. There’s too much at stake not to make security a priority for your enterprise.

SinglePoint empowers organizations to overcome challenges such as:

  • Network reliability. Know your connections and data are safe.
  • Making the right decisions. We help you make choices that grow your business.
  • Budget concerns. The right technologies can fit your budget.
  • Lack of support. You can rely on us for help with technology issues and concerns.
  • Figuring out the future. We’re your partner for all telecom migrations.

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