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Legacy Voice Services

Reliable communications are critical. We help maintain your voice services for years to come.

Though VoIP and cloud communications are common buzzwords in today’s technology landscape, many enterprises continue to find value in the reliability of a legacy phone system. However, maintaining disparate solutions across all of your locations can be a challenge that pulls IT staff away from more important objectives.

At SinglePoint Communications, we help businesses maintain reliable, crystal-clear calling at every branch. Let us assess your current voice and communications requirements and optimize your technology.

We support the following legacy voice services:

  • POTS
  • PRI Circuits
  • SIP Trunks
  • Toll-Free

We can also help you understand the potential value in a cloud migration or how your business can leverage legacy voice services for added redundancy with cloud communications solutions. With SinglePoint Communications on your side, you reap the benefits of optimization, new features for staff and customers alike, and improved performance. As your needs grow with your business, we provide the guidance you’re looking for to make informed decisions.

Contact us for more information on identifying the ideal communications tools and continued support for your enterprise to ensure you never miss a call.

SinglePoint empowers organizations to overcome challenges such as:

  • Network reliability. Know your connections and data are safe.
  • Making the right decisions. We help you make choices that grow your business.
  • Budget concerns. The right technologies can fit your budget.
  • Lack of support. You can rely on us for help with technology issues and concerns.
  • Figuring out the future. We’re your partner for all telecom migrations.

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