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Managed Services

Offload trouble tickets, monitoring, and more for reduced downtime and extended system lifespans.

Does your IT team have no time to focus on strategic goals or business ROI because it’s bogged down by security monitoring, ensuring uptime, and handling user requests?

Managed services – an outsourced approach to IT – saves time and money spent on those details and allows internal staff to return to what they do best. We specialize in reviewing your current technology environment, identifying the right solution for your needs, assisting in installation, and providing ongoing management solutions.

Our managed services include:

  • Telecom Inventory Management: From paying for unused or unnecessary services to the challenge of tracking and maintaining a growing list of devices, telecom inventory management is a growing concern for companies like yours. This managed service standardizes processes across your organization including contract renewals, asset inventory, and cost control.
  • Cost Containment: Balancing the control of costs with the opportunity to invest in new technology can be time-consuming and analysis-heavy. We provide tools such as ROI and TCO calculators, as well as a detailed audit that identifies billing errors and unnecessary services and simplifies your invoicing, so you can make informed decisions.
  • Managed Help Desk: Providing support to end users is one of the most time-consuming activities for your IT department. As your company grows, you need a help desk solution that allows your IT team to focus on strategic initiatives while providing support that customizes services for your particular business environment.

Ready to reduce costs and remove the pressure from your IT department? Let us connect you to the solutions you need to optimize your business. We offer free audits to ensure you make a fully informed decision about your technology, then provide ongoing support after implementation to keep your solutions growing with your business. Contact us to get started!

SinglePoint empowers organizations to overcome challenges such as:

  • Network reliability. Know your connections and data are safe.
  • Making the right decisions. We help you make choices that grow your business.
  • Budget concerns. The right technologies can fit your budget.
  • Lack of support. You can rely on us for help with technology issues and concerns.
  • Figuring out the future. We’re your partner for all telecom migrations.

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